Build-A-Fairy Workshop


Fairy Dolls

Girls of all ages and their moms, aunts, grandmothers love this doll-making workshop! Doll-makers can choose their fairy’s componants from a salad-bar like array of painted doll heads, pipe cleaners, felt dresses, acorn caps, yarn hair, silk flower petal accessories and wings. Participants can follow along with illustrated directions, a view of a sample doll, and some expert instruction on the tricky parts provided by a trained facilitator. This project can be done indoors as a craft project, or outdoors as part of a fairy house event.  The dolls are easy to make and the creativity is in the color choices. Doll themes can be created for a specific season, birthday party or holiday. This is extremely popular and very easy to finish: participants will quickly feel successful and be ready to play with their dolls in 10-15 minutes.

Build-A-Fairy KitFairy Dolls at the Craft Fair