Live Action Story Theater

The Animals hid from Gluscap

Earthworm Pie Puppet Theater’s Live Story Hive invites audience members to  don masks and use puppets to act out stories from around the world with themes that teach caring for the Earth and each other. A one hour production includes 3 story performances: Australian Dreamtime story “Platypus, Pick a Side!, Estonian folk tale, “Mikku and the Trees,” and Northern New England Wabenaki legend, “Gluscap and the Game Bag.”

Participants: Ages 6+, Audience: All ages

Group size: one class (15-30) or could also work for an assembly.

Space requirements: Space for participants to sit in a circle on a indoor classroom rug or weather permitting, an outdoor grassy, shady area with room for all participants to sit in a circle.

Live Action Story Theater Workshop
Gluscap and the Game Bag


"Mikku and the Trees"
Mikku and the Trees



Platypus, Pick a Side!
Platypus, Pick a Side!