How Much More

“How much more are we willing to lose to climate change before we give up fossil fuels? No More!!!” – “Already Lost: Sugar maples, 66% decrease of sugar in sap, 40% Moose population decline since 2013,  Lobsters, 50% decline in population since 2007, Snow removal budget shortfall Manchester NH Snow removal costs 2015 $300,000, bumblebees, 96% population crash.”

A lot of people liked these signs the 2 times I brought them out. People liked to talk with me about it, about the moose. At the NH Democratic convention, one person said, “The Maple trees! I’m so glad you have the maple trees on there: They told us we shouldn’t talk about the trees!” I made this to show what is already happening here where we live. Climate change is here, not just somewhere far away, its here, and its happening here, and  its hurting our local economy, our town budgets, our coastal homes. Here.