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Teacher Resources:

Gardening provides hands-on, inquiry-based experiences to sprout deep learning in multiple disciplines:

ELA: How Do You Write? Mentor Text Template

Science: Start Now! 7 Gardening Science Projects to Try This Spring from Parent Map

Art: What Do You See? Let students draw from life: plants, seeds or harvested produce! No templates or printouts needed! Check out this Our approach to Observational Drawing from How We Montessori

Math/Science: How Much Space Do Seeds Need To Grow? Free Garden Planner and Chart from Simply Smart Gardening

Which Plants Are Friends? Beginner SQUARE FOOT GARDENING Layout Ideas With COMPANION PLANTS from Small Garden Quest

Measure and make your own Square Foot Gardening Spacing Template for Beginners from Small Garden Quest

Observing and Measuring Seedling Growth Grow, Grow, Grow! from The Mailbox

Social Studies: Who’s Hungry?

Food Heroes for Food Justice Picture Book Biographies from Readers to Eaters

15 Children’s Picture Books for Young Food Activists from Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center

Lists of Companion Picture Books for more Garden Reading:

My list of best books for toddlers and preschoolers on how & why to grow a food garden

My list of Picture Books on Growing a Garden

How Do You Grow a Learning Garden at Your School or Library?

The Edible Schoolyard Project: Free lesson plans, on-line trainings and program resources to inspire you team and bring edible education to your students.

Backyard Growers: For tips on what to grow and how to grow it, working with soil, and raised beds.

FoodCorps: Spend a year teaching kids about food in school gardens, cafeterias, and classrooms. The yearlong term begins in August. Apply by March 27.