Sold Out! Build-A-Fairy Workshop at the PTO Holiday Fair

frosty blue fairy doll

Fairy Dolls

My Build-A-Fairy Workshop at the Linden Steam Academy’s PTO Holiday Fair sold out! I brought enough materials to make 18 fairy dolls. My original plan was to make kits, but I thought people might enjoy choosing their own combinations of colors, so in addition to making a few kits up to sell, I set out dishes filled with painted bead heads, pipe cleaner legs and arms, felt dresses in a rainbow of colors, silk flower petals for collars, skirt and wings, and acorn caps I had gathered on walks in the woods.

First a few moms and aunts were interested in putting together their own kits for gifts, then some girls came to make their own dolls, and within 2 hours all the dolly heads were used up and no more could be made. Most people enjoyed putting their own combination together. Next time I will have to make more heads!

Build-A-Fairy KitFairy Dolls at the Craft Fair

Photos: Sherry Lyons and Kari Percival