Join us: Let it Snow! Santas Against Global Warming to march in HONK! Parade

Santa Parade Workshop Group Photo

Do you want to march in the HONK! Parade with us this year?

Join our group, Let it Snow! Save the North Pole! Santas Against Global Warming, in Davis Square, Somerville on Sunday, October 9 to march in the 2016 HONK! parade. We are a group of artists and environmental activists, parents, kids and New England Earth dwellers who want it to be cold enough to snow every Christmas, and who want the north pole and all the habitats on Earth to remain habitable. We are putting fossil fuels on the naughty list.

No Santa suit?  No problem! If you have a red shirt, you are good to go. We have made a whole bunch of paper santa beards, but also reindeer masks, polar bear masks, and walrus masks just waiting for people like you to bring them to life, and we have a bunch of signs to carry, that say things like “All I want for Christmas is Frozen Sea Ice!”, “Stop Global Warming” “Let it Snow!” and “Say No to Coal.”

But maybe you are getting your own idea! You could get out your favorite peppermint striped tights and be an elf on a bicycle, you could dig out that old snowflake costume you only wore once for your ballet recital, you could get out your favorite white furry pants and be a polar bear, you could make your own sign that says your own reason why you are against climate change or your own wishes for the future. We’d love you to join us!

Interested? Meet up at the Nave Gallery Annex Porch in Davis Square, 53 Chester Street, 11:00 AM to suit up before the parade. Bring your friends!

Questions? contact Kari Percival,