2016: Year of the Orange Dinosaur

Orange Dinosaur

In 2016, while the world seems to be crashing down and taking many of us and the places we love with it, one orange ray of light beams forth. When we found out that the our favorite Rte. 1 Saugus landmark dinosaur was going to be demolished, so many people stood up and rallied around saving our local icon that a deal was struck to save it. That’s why 2016 is the year of the Orange Dinosaur, to remind us that if we speak up about what we love before its all gone forever, dreams can come true. This and other ornaments may still be available at Snow Day Gifts, Holiday Pop-up store #17 at the Somerville Local Arts Mall 337 Somerville Ave., next to PA’s Lounge in Union Square, through Dec. 17, Th 12-6:30, F 12-8, Sat 10-8.

Year of the Orange Dinosaur ornaments