“Vasalisa ran homeward by the light of the skull”

Vasalisa double page spread


My new color illustration study for “Vasalisa ran homeward by the light of the skull..”

A few sketches:

  1. “Having given these orders, Baba Yaga began to snore. Vasalisa set the remnants of the old witches supper before her doll, wept bitter tears, and said, ‘Here, dolly, eat, and aid me in my need! Baba Yaga has given me a hard task to do and threatens to eat me up if I do not do it all. Help me!’ “
  2. and 3. Are sketches for a double page spread of Vasalisa running homeward by the light of the skull, in color above.

Quotes from RUSSIAN FAIRY TALES, translated by Norbert Guterman from the collections of Aleksandr Afanas’ev, of the Pantheon Fairy Tale and Folklore Library, 1945 Pantheon Books.