“Fie, fie! I smell a Russian smell! Who’s here?”

"Fie, fie, I smell a Russian smell! Who's here?"

Suddenly another horseman rode by. He was.. all dressed in black, and his horse was black. He galloped up to Yaga’s door and vanished, as though the earth had swallowed him up — night came. The eyes of all the skulls on the fence began to gleam, and the glade was as bright as day. Vasilisa shuddered with fear, but not knowing where to run, remained on the spot.

Soon, a terrible noise resounded through the woods; the trees crackled, the dry leaves rustled; from the woods, Baba Yaga drove out in a mortar, prodding it on with a pestle, and sweeping her traces with a broom. She rode up to the gate, stopped, and sniffing the air around her, cried, “Fie, Fie! I smell a Russian smell! Who is here?” ‘ 

– from Vasilisa the Beautiful, Favorite Folktales from Around the World, Pantheon Fairy Tale and Folk Tale Library, edited by Jane Yolen, Random House, 1986.