“I Smell a Russian Smell” Sketches

First: Which Vasilisa? #1 is hiding behind some small evergreen trees in the corner, not totally committed to being there, definitely not belonging. Vasilisa #2 is trembling boldly (its too late to go back) at the house’s front gate, framed by the chicken legs and there is a sort of sight gag that highlights the drama: her head is sort of lined up among the skulls in the fence.

Next: Which Baba Yaga? #1 is flying straight in from the right. The narrative reads left to right, Vasalisa arrives at the house, then Baba Yaga is zooming straight for her, and the picture is tilted somewhat, viewed from above, so we actually see into the mortar she’s riding in.

Sketch: Baba Yaga Arrives #2 Baba #2 is sort of doing a fly by, circling her own house, and she gives Vasilisa a terrifying side-eye glance. We see the mortar from the bottom, as Vasilisa would. Its more from her own perspective. She is lined up with the head of the chicken-house, so that might need to be changed somehow. The black horseman is riding by, turning the sky from sunset to night.

Sketch: Baba Yaga Arrives (#1 but flipped)Here is the image flipped. I don’t think this is right at all, but you have to try things just to make sure.