DIY Earth Responders

If you don’t have your own fire fighter costume for XR’s Earth Day Climate Action, here is a digital kit for you to craft your own at home.


What you’ll need:

  1. Posterboard, craft foam or cardboard (and paint if needed)
  2. Glue craft, school or wood glue (NOT glue sticks: glue stick glue falls off during parades) 
  3. Print out of insignia or make your own.
  4. Scissors

Directions: Trace the pattern onto posterboard (Or eyeball your own) Cut out the helmet. Cut out insignia. Glue on. Bend flap up. Put on a baseball cap and try on helmet over the cap. Stick on cap with masking tape. All set! 

Notes: A standard-sized sheet of posterboard, 22″ x 28, can make 4 helmets. Make yours red, black, yellow or your own Climate Emergency, Earth Responder color. 

Choose an insignia: 

Print it, cut it out and glue it on: 

Don it over a baseball cap:

DIY Instant EARTH RESPONDER fire fighter costume using tape! 

What you’ll need: A roll of tape: masking, gaffers, in white, yellow, or neon, or whatever color you have will be fine. 

Wear clothes that evoke fire fighters:  black, red, gold or an emergency color.

Over your clothes, tape two rings of tape:

 -around sleeve cuffs and shirt

-around chest or bottom hem of your shirt

 -around pants below your knees, where the tops of rubber boots would be.

Song Birds for Survival Brigade

Here’s how to make your own DIY SONG BIRD parade mask:

You’ll need: poster board, 22” x 28”, colored paper scraps, scissors, glue, stapler, hole punch, and string to tie under arms.

What to do:

  1. Choose your bird species and get poster board the main color of your birds. Fold poster board in half and sketch the bird’s head. Make sure your sketch connect to the fold in back.
  2. Cut out the mask. The back should be along the fold. Do NOT cut fold!
  3. Use a field guide to get idea to design and cut out details from colored paper. Make 2 of each for both sides!
  4. Glue details on your mask, both sides matching. Use craft or school glue, not a glue stick, those don’t stick for parades.
  5. Staple beak 3 times.
  6. Punch holes at both sides of shoulders and tie string to hand down. Tie under arms when you put it on. (This helps it stay on even in the wind.) You should be able to see out the front of your mask.