Live Story Hive at Chuckie Harris Park, June 11, 2015


Earthorm Pie Puppet Theater's Live Story HIve at Chuckie Harris Park, 6/11/2015
Earthorm Pie Puppet Theater’s Live Story HIve at Chuckie Harris Park, 6/11/2015

Earthworm Pie Puppet Theater invited audience members to be part of the Live Story Hive at Harris Park, sponsored by the Somerville Arts Council (SAC) as part of Puppet Palooza 2015 on June 11. SAC’s Heather Balchunas warmed up the audience with a puppet snail.

Heather warms up the audience with a puppet snail
Heather warms up the audience with a puppet snail

Live Story Hive storytellers Kari Percival and Shawn Morrissey invited volunteers from the audience put on masks and use puppets to bring the action of the story to life.

Earthworm Pie Puppet Theater's Live Story Hive

The performers shared stories from around the world about how to stick up for the Earth and each other: Playtpus, Pick as Side! an Australian Dream time story adapted from Stories from the Billabong by James Marshall and Frances Firebrace, Mikku and the Trees, a folk tale from Estonia adapted from Earth Care, by Margaret Read MacDonald, and Gluscap and the Game Bag, an Abenaki tale from Maine, adapted from Keepers of The Earth, by Joseph Bruchac.

Platypus, Pick a Side!


Mikku looks for firewood in the forest
Since Mikku did not cut the trees down, a strange little man in a birch bark hat gives Mikku a magic wand
Bees bring Mikku Honey and the birds bring her berries
The Trees say, “You care for us, we’ll care for you.”
The animals hide from Gluscap
Thank you GrandmotherWoodchuck!
Grandmother Woodchuck makes Gluscap a magical game bag. Thank you Grandmother Woodchuck!
Raccoon and Fox go into the game bag. The game bag stretches to fit all the animals.


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Suitcase full of Dreamtime Puppets