Mural Project

Kari Percival led children from grades K-5 in designing and painting group murals of children playing outdoors in New England in different seasons, as part of Melrose Education Stations After School Program, in fall of 2010.

This 6 week project invited students to build their skills and confidence with painting each week, as they added layers to the painting. Week 1, students voted as a group on a season to depict and together, brainstormed activities they loved to do outdoors in that season. Then, they painted the sky and the earth. Old master paintings and photos were observed and discussed for reference. Weeks 2 and 3, students practiced drawing native species of trees and plants, and animals, using field guides as references, then painted them on the canvas. Week 4, students practiced drawing children playing and doing seasonal activities, before painting them. Week 5, a few finishing details of weather, plants and people were added, along with a coat of protective glaze, and invitations were made. At the final meeting, an artists’ reception was prepared to unveil the murals to other students and parents and celebrate the students’ hard work. Contact¬†Kari Percival if you would like her to lead this workshop for your school or organization.