Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection: SAFE CROSSING

I am so amazed to hear that my upcoming book, SAFE CROSSING, Chronicle Books 2025, has been chosen as a Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection! It is a huge honor for this upcoming release: a story of a family of volunteers and their journey helping their frog and salamander neighbors avoid extinction.

Junior Library Guild is a celebrated book subscription service: “Every year, our renowned editors curate selections for 80+ reading level and genre categories. Simply subscribe to the categories you’d like our help developing and, voila!, you’ll receive brand-new books in those categories every month, all year long.”

“It’s like your “birthday in a box” every month! Our goal is to make your job easier, broaden your collection, and supplement your selections with expertly curated books. Not to mention, you’ll be among the first to access award-worthy books before the buzz begins!”

“Use the JLG Subscription Builder to quickly and easily find the genre/reading-level categories that match your library’s unique needs. Join thousands of librarians who rely on JLG for library resources and collection development.” If you are interested in subscribing, visit https://www.juniorlibraryguild.com.

SAFE CROSSING will also be available for pre-order in a few months from your favorite bookstores. If you sign up for my newsletter here, you won’t miss first dibs: