FOREST JOY: Paintings and prints by Kari Percival opened this week at The Gallery@57 Pleasant St. Malden. You are invited to the reception art party, Friday November 3, from 5-7 PM.

I have been visiting some of my favorite haunts in the Middlesex Fells and other parks around where I live to paint their portraits. Here is one of my paintings of the Cascade right after I painted it. The Cascade is part of Shilly-shally brook, one of the sources of the Malden River.

I’ve also been painting some animals who live around here, like this grey fox family, based on the one living in my neighborhood. (no they did not sit still for the portrait: I watched trail cam footage videos for reference.)

And I am showing some wood cut prints. I cut a new print called forest floor, which features a spotted salamander. I was inspired to create this image because I have seen the spotted salamanders congress in Virginia Wood. I’ve been fortunate to be able to learn about the animals who share this neighborhood with us, and I love to celebrate them through making art. I feel like if people have my pictures on their wall, they will get to see a reminder of how all life is connected, and everything we do matters, here and everywhere. I hope to see you at the reception, Nov. 3!

For this show, I am partnering with the Boston Outdoor Preschool Network (BOPN.) When my kids were little, I always wished for a local forest preschool that was accessible for urban kids, and I always thought Pine Banks Park would be the perfect place for a forest preschool. So I was elated when I heard that BOPN was starting a program here in Malden at Pine Banks Park! I am donating a portion of proceeds from art sales from this exhibition to BOPN’s equity programing and scholarship fund. If you’d like to partner with me to make sure more children have the opportunity to attend forest pre-school, follow the link below. Your donation helps BOPN reduce the financial barriers to outdoor early education experienced by many families; and helps provide the necessary clothing and gear. Join in expanding the network of families invested in outdoor early education. Help raise a generation of confident, capable children who are deeply appreciative of nature and its benefits.

Partner with me by giving today at

BOPN is a 501(c)(3) and all contributions are tax deductible.

And thank you!