Flavor Sketches

I put the flags in for bullet points, and I added a decorative columbian dish to show the source of the steam and suggest the idea of food more obviously.  Does that make it too cluttered or more clear? Is it more elegant and evocative with or without the bowl? I think between the great title and the steam and the tongue we could get away without adding extra food references, but I can make the bowl work.  There is the lime/chili pepper/herb background line art pattern idea, too, which could be in subtle colors.

Which concept do you like? The ones with the jaguars are showing the jaguar breathing in steam, the fragrant drool-inducing aroma of deliciousness. The one with the parrot on the table shows food with little national flags in each entree, so I would need a little more info. on the food to do that one. I am thinking very bright colors on all of them, hot orange, lime, hot pink. I can play around with that once you choose an image. The flags could be bullet icons for the dates and events. Let me know your thoughts.