Early Birds’ Garden Club

Join Early Birds' Garden Club

You’re Invited! Our fist meeting will be Sunday April 9.¬†Join us 3-4 PM at the Malden Community Garden. We will meet weekly, and there are two groups: Thursdays, 9-10 AM or Sunday 3-4 PM. The moon and starts say its time to plant potatoes and turnips on Sunday and the weather report says it will be a fine enough day. Thursday, we will be planting peas, also. We will read a story if the weather is nice enough. Dress warm for the weather, and wear shoes or rain boots you don’t mind getting muddy.
What to bring (if you have lying around: PLEASE DON’T go out and buy, we will have extra) a large spoon, garden trowel or toy shovel for digging, a quart sized yogurt container with a lid or a quart sized plant pot for planting a strawberry plant to bring home.
Thunder or steady rain cancels.
If you haven’t already, please email me at karipercival@hotmail.com to register. Let me know the names and ages of your tots for our roster. And if you are on Facebook, join our Facebook group. Thanks!