BYG Grow Down Sketches

Hi Backyard Growers!

So the Wonka Vision idea is a butterfly’s eyes with the facets looking like disco balls reflecting back tiny images of BYG: flowers, food growing, people eating stuff, happy kids,¬†pollinators, chickens,¬†etc, while sipping a summery drink. A bit far out and very whimsical while also edgy.

The hen and gull sharing a picnic on a goat’s back is very silly and sort of combines the farm aspect with the sea-side aspect, very whimsical.

The picnicking goats eating flowers out of a picnic basket could also/instead take place in a row boat to show the social distancing aspect more clearly, maybe the kid would be swimming instead of flying a kite in that case, very sweet.

Let me know which one you like, and I’ll get busy!

xo Kari