CLEL Bell Awards Short List

HOW TO SAY HELLO TO A WORM: A FIRST GUIDE TO OUTSIDE was chosen for the short list for the 2023 CLEL Bell Picture Book Awards for Early Literacy, announced December 6, 2022.

This book was selected for the short list of the award in the TALK category, because of the way the writing models language use and skills for children. The selection committee noted that the book “asks questions, provides practical guidance, and prompts conversations about the living creatures and plants all around us.”

 For 2023, twenty five books total in the categories Read, Write, Sing, Talk and Play, were chosen by the 2023 Selection Committee from nomination lists. Find out which other books made the list here:

I was so excited to see how librarians and caregivers are seeing the value of HOW TO SAY HELLO TO A WORM modeling speaking to other life forms we depend on and share our world with, and treating them with respect and wonder.

You can order your own copy of HOW TO SAY HELLO TO A WORM here: