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BYG Grow Down Sketches

Hi Backyard Growers! So the Wonka Vision idea is a butterfly’s eyes with the facets looking like disco balls reflecting back tiny …

Help Beat COVID-19

Help Beat Covid-19: Wear A Mask: A Public Art Project on the Malden Bike Path  

Leaf Makes Lunch

Click on the link below to read the story: *LEAF_MAKES_LUNCH*_Kari_Percival  

Frances Perkins_fire_escape

Happy Birthday, Frances Perkins!

Happy Birthday to New Deal Architect Frances Perkins! Born April 10, 1880, this year would be her 140th birthday! A Yankee born …

Elf Splendor

Elf Splendor

“A daughter is birthed by Elf Splendor, the Sun Goddess, after she is swallowed by the Wolf. She, the New Sun, shall …

The Seal's Skin

The Seal’s Skin

“There she found the skin. Unable to resist the temptation, she said farewell to her children, put the skin on, and flung …



  “Then Kokopilau led the people into a new land. As he played his flute, the land and the wind became warm. …