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Elf Splendor

Elf Splendor

“A daughter is birthed by Elf Splendor, the Sun Goddess, after she is swallowed by the Wolf. She, the New Sun, shall …

The Seal's Skin

The Seal’s Skin

“There she found the skin. Unable to resist the temptation, she said farewell to her children, put the skin on, and flung …



  “Then Kokopilau led the people into a new land. As he played his flute, the land and the wind became warm. …

SCBWI Featured Artist!

SCBWI Featured Illustrator!

I’m so happy to share the news that SCBWI chose me as the featured illustrator for the month of August! Thank you …

Plastic Turf: 102 F

Artificial Turf on a Sunny Day

The Finance Committee approved the City of Malden’s plan to rip out all the natural, live grass from Salemwood School yard, Roosevelt …