Hospital stay (Don’t worry, he’s ok)

Son my 5 year old had a cut on his foot that I cleaned and bandaged and seemed to have healed over ok but then it swelled up and he had to go to the hospital. Don’t worry though. He’s ok. Here is his toy familiar, Milky Way the seal, whom  I drew in the ER waiting area: Milky Way the Seal


Here he is in his hospital bed. He really loved watching TV at the hospital. They have this new Peter Rabbit cartoon, which I think is causing Beatrix Potter to roll over in her grave. We had quite a bit of time, and there were lots of gadgets and gear to draw. He looks a bit lost in that giant bed, I think?

Hospital Bed

Can you tell I am a freaked out parent from my drawing style, at all? Just curious.

Another Hospital sketch

I was a bit freaked out. But the worst part was over. Here is the last one.