Pinch Me!

Bookmark Literary

I am over the moon to announce that literary agent Teresa Kietlinksi of Bookmark Literary has agreed to represent my children’s books and illustration. Thank you, Teresa! I’ve been an admirer of your clients’s work. I’m so ecstatic to accept your assistance shepherding my books out into the world and someday into hands of children. That someday now feels a lot sooner.

Thank you, Jim Hoover of Viking Children’s Books for your awesome feedback, encouragement and the tip off! Thank you, Ashley Wolff, for choosing my portfolio out of the stack, and for all your amazing mentoring! You are an inspiring wizard of composition and visual narrative, and so kind and smart! It has been an amazing gift to be working with you! Thank you, Kathy Quimby Johnson, for facilitating the New England SCBWI Four by Four Mentoring Program, and for all your help! Thanks, my SCBWI critique group, Friends with Words: Phaea Crede, Fifi Abu, Mary Horrocks, and Emily Litman,  and my first writing mentor, Jackie Zollo Brooks, for taking time to apply your gorgeous minds to my writing! Thank you, Greg Cook, and all my family for all your inspiration, encouragement and  support! Thanks, Susan Johnson, for telling me to get an agent when it seemed like an impossible, eyerolling suggestion. And thank you, Jess Semeraro, for the fun glamour shots. It was a total treat wandering around Long Hill in blossom with you, anyway!

Photo credit: Jessica Semeraro