Boston Climate Rally Poster

Here is my final version of the climate rally poster. I needed to up date the title and the venue, and I changed the composition to emphasize the image and the title of the event, by putting the details on a blue banner below. But I still like the old one, too.

Jobs, Justice, CLimate: Defend New England's Future 12/12 Boston Common

Here is the first draft of the poster I designed for a rally coming up. I seem to favor blue and orange for a color scheme for posters. I was inspired by the great printmaker, Carlos Cortez, his 1986 woodcut, La lucha continua/The Fight Continues. (But mine is nowhere near as amazing.) Thank you to my sweet heart, Greg, who arranged for us to go visit Cortez at his home in Chicago back in 1994. I feel so lucky to have met him and been inspired by his Boston Rally poster